• Unipatch awarded Indian's achiever's award for Industry Development.

Do You Know

  • That your life depends on the health of your tyre.
  • That the life of a tyre is 4 years.
  • That expired tyres are likely to burst / puncture faster.
  • That you can repair up to 9” long cut on tube and 12” long cut on a tyre.
  • That the tube / tyre repair patch should be of high quality and as strong as the tube / tyre.
  • That repair patch used on a Radial Tyre is different from that used on a Bias Tyre.
  • That use of “Gattor” (piece of tyre) can further damage the tube and tyre.

What should you do?

  • Use tube / tyre patches made by a quality manufacturer.
  • Regularly check your tyre pressure, balance and alignment.
  • Beware of duplicate products. Buy only from authorized dealers and BE SAFE.
  • OMNI is the oldest and the best manufacturer of repair patches in India. The first ISO 9001:2008 patch manufacturing company in its segment.
  • OMNI patches are designed to be flexible, lightweight, heat resistant and strong.
  • OMNI manufactures patches for all types tyres.