• Unipatch awarded Indian's achiever's award for Industry Development.


Omni cutting gouges have lightweight construction and designed to facilitate a cool running operation to enhance performance.The razor like surface quickly removes large quantities of rubber. The fast removal of rubber along with the ease of use, helps minimize operator fatigue and permits a better control.


Cat. No. Description
S-2040 Rotary Gouge. 2", 50mm dia.,
1/2" arbor hole, 1 per box.
S-2042 Thin Wall Rotary Gouge.2", 50mm dia.,
3/8" arbor hole, no notch, 2 per box.
S-2043 Thin Wall Rotary Gouge. 2", 50mm dia.
1/2" arbor hole, with notch, 2 per box.
S-4042 Rotary Gouge, 11/4", 30mm dia.,
3/8" arbor hole, 3 per box
S-2046 Micro Rotary Gouge, 3/4", 20mm dia.
3/8" threaded arbor hole, 4 per box
S-2047 1 /2", 15mm to 3/8", 10mm reducer.