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Permacure & Strings

Omni Permacure repairs utilize an exclusive nylon reinforced design that makes applying repairs easier - virtually eliminating cutting, resulting in less labour time and a durable, permanent repair. The unique cushion gum of Omni flows and cures into cracks and crevices and actually vulcanizes to the tyre itself. Permacure repair units are excellent for small injuries. They can be used in the crown, shoulder and side wall areas of all tubeless, steel belted radial and bias tyres on autoricksaw, passanger vehicles, truck and off-the-road tyres.

Cat. No. Description Box Qty
222 33/4", 95mm Permacure Repairs 40
224 51/8", 130mm Permacure Repairs 40
226 71/2", 190mm Permacure Repairs 25

Tyre Seal

Omni Tyre Seal is an economical, temporary repair for a nail-hole injury on a tubeless tyre. Designed for quick use, the tyre seal enables the vehicle to complete its journey. It is recommended to get a permanent repair done before commencing a fresh journey.

Cat No. Tyre Seal Refill Pack Box Qty
232 4", 100mm string Repairs 25