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Insert Tools

Omni tools and accessories are made of the highest quality materials and are designed to make your tyre repair jobs easier and faster.


insert tools

cat. no. description
900 insert tool, 3", 75mm
901 insert tool, 6", 150mmr
905 heavy duty insert tool, 9", 225mm
920 insert-omatictool
921 passenger replacement needle
923 insert-o-matictruck needle


spiral cement tools

cat. no. description
910 cement tool
914 spiral cement drill tool
915 spiral cement tool
916 giant spiral cement tool


stitchers and scrapers

cat. no. description
933 rubber scrapper
935 stitcher/buffer
936 stitcher, 11/2", 38mm x 1/8 ", 3mm
938 stitcher,11/2", 38mm x 1/32", 0.75mm
939 stitcher, 2", 5mm x 1/4", 5mm
940 x2t taper skiving knife
941 x1y extra curve skiving knife
942 x3n round point flexible
skiving knife

hex-shaped paint marking crayons and crayon holder

cat. no. description
950 yellow tyre crayon, 12 per box
951 white paint crayon, 12 per box
951r red paint crayon, 12perbox
951y yellow paint crayon, 12perbox
951b blue paint crayon, 12perbox
9516 green paint crayon, 12 per box